Alyssa Lydia Images Charlottesville

Hi  Friends!!! I'm Ally.  

If you have made yourself at home here and perused some of my work, I hope we made you smile today! The photography on this website features some of the most genuine, enjoyable, open-hearted people I have ever known, and being there to capture the meaningful  moments from their greatest milestones is one of my biggest passions in life. 

Alyssa Lydia Images Charlottesville

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fast facts

UVA Elementary Ed Major. 

Former preschool teacher. 

Enneagram 3. 

Cat mom and dog aficionado. 


I launched Alyssa Lydia Images after following life and love from Madison, Wisconsin to beloved Charlottesville, Virginia. Photographing the incredible relationships of my early subjects in locations that were meaningful to them made Virginia feel like home to me.


In addition to traveling all over our breathtaking state, my work has brought me to Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and West Virginia... and I am LOVING IT!! Show me your  favorite corner of the world, I’ll bring my gear and some serious third-wheel game.


The images that I create do not shy away from bright tones, movement, humor, or the “in between” moments of  life. My couples and families are playful and fun- bold in their feelings for one another and unapologetically themselves. I find their love stories beautiful exactly as they are.



So... Think we'd make a great team? 

Let's do this!

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Talk Soon! -A. 

When I'm not  running around with the camera or  editing galleries underneath my two cats, I’m an Elementary Education major at the University of Virginia with a focus on Spanish Ed. My first job in C’ville was teaching preschool, and there is most definitely a smattering of preschool teacher in all that I do. On the weekends I love to hike, bake too much cake, and talk on the phone with my mom. 


The most important thing in my life is my family. My love for my four little brothers and sisters shapes every aspect of my world.